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Project management

Project management

From the start we collaborate with you, propose suggestions and arrange everything to the last detail. We initially start with a site visit to properly assess the situation.

We can supply an AutoCAD design that fits your existing AutoCAD drawing and ensure that all data is accurately processed in the drawing. We create a comprehensive schedule of all activities and assign a dedicated MTD project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. If there are interim meetings, the project manager will attend them. That is all part of being a full-service organisation. Your event is also our event. Whether your event is for two days, three weeks, or one evening, our staff are committed and always on standby. Staff with years of experience are always at your disposal and arrange everything to the point when the last equipment is returned to our warehouse.

MTD works with the latest technologies and equipment and provides solutions. If required, we can also arrange for the delivery of all water-related products, such as toilets and showers. For this, we draw on a large and tested network of suppliers.

What can we do for you

You can choose to assign responsibility in your own organisation. You are then responsible for contacts with government, location, suppliers etc. But you can also outsource this responsibility to a specialised party. MTD has extensive experience in managing contacts with all the parties involved, and can take over full responsibility from you.


We can provide your organisation, individuals or volunteers with team training sessions or workshops concerning water. We can look at problems such as disinfection, legionella control, water quality or, for example, dealing with various agencies such ambulance services, local authorities and water utilities. MTD has excellent facilities at our office in Tilburg. Please feel free to request information from us.


We can deliver AutoCAD drawings of your project. If you submit a drawing of your project in AutoCAD format, we will draw in all the infrastructure and equipment, on a separate layer. So you will always have the correct drawings during discussions with the local authority, water utilities and any other parties. At MTD clear communication is paramount.

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