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MTD has world premiere with hallmark ”Safe Drinking Water Location”

MTD has world premiere with hallmark ”Safe Drinking Water Location”
July 12, 2016 MTD Pure Water

MTD has world premiere with hallmark “Safe Drinking Water Location”

Tilburg – It was a festive day for MTD! As the first certified event supplier it may now hand out the hallmark “Safe Drinking Water Location” to its clients. MTD Managing Director Hans Verhoeven received the certificate last Friday from Kiwa Managing Director Paul Hesselink. Together they will safeguard the water quality at temporary drinking water installations, which now has an official hallmark.

For some time now hallmarks exist for tents, generators and scaffoldings. Even the food at events undergoes screening. Therefore it is surprising that such an essential necessity as water, that has to be present at every event, did not have to be subjected to certain requirements. However, these requirements are now stated in the hallmark “Safe Drinking Water Location”. As Paul Hesselink states: “especially temporary drinking water installations have to be safe beyond all doubt. The Safe Drinking Water Location justifies that trust and Kiwa will see to it with all her expertise. MTD is a frontrunner in this, and not without reason they are allowed to supply the temporary drinking water installations at the European Championships in France.”

Final assessments are formulated through pilots at, amongst others, the Parade and Sail in Amsterdam. Together, these assessments form a strict but achievable hallmark. One of the conditions is disinfection of the water infrastructure which is combined with taking water samples by an independent laboratory. Moreover, the supplier must employ a drinking water expert, together with mechanics which are educated in VCA and working hygienically. Through yearly audits and random sampling at events where MTD is the supplier, Kiwa safeguards the compliance of all assessment guidelines of the publisher: MTD itself.

Hans Verhoeven is happy with the progress in the field of water quality: “This is a memorable and historic day for every visitor of events in the Netherlands. They can now be sure of that, besides eating a hamburger, they can also safely drink water from the tap. Of course this is only when the organiser owns the hallmark.”

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