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Drink- and fill units

Drink- and fill units

Drink and fill units

Drinking fountain

The drinking fountains can provide clean drinking water in public places.

The water flows through an activated charcoal filter so that odourless and flavourless water can be drunk from the fountain. This drinking fountain has three taps, one for filling bottles, one drinking fountain and one lower tap for the disabled and children.

These drinking fountains also include an option for recording audio so that sound can be played while water is flowing.

Water tap with cooler

A separate stylish unit that is easy to place in a standing layout or bar. Can be provided with cooled, uncooled or bubbling water taps. Can be provided with stickers, if desired

Camel bar

A separate stainless steel unit with two tall taps, suitable for filling bottles and camel bags with water. This unit provides your visitors with chilled water and includes a push button so that no water is wasted unnecessarily. In combination with a water improvement unit, this camel bar can supply filtered drinking water.

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