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Organising exhibitions, trade fairs and public fairs is specialised and comprehensive work. Also when it comes to water provisions.




Whether you have your own venue or are organising a one-off trade fair, here at MTD we offer an experienced full-service organisation. We can even arrange multi-year deals with you so that we can become your preferred supplier. Our dedicated and expert consultants, project managers and technicians are at your disposal. They have a great affinity for the profession and the market in which they operate. We ensure proper installation of the water supply and drainage and work very competitively through rapid scale-up of equipment and personnel. During quiet periods, we can employ our equipment and our people anywhere else in the world.


Anything is possible

Whatever your needs, MTD delivers customised solutions with standard products. We offer complete solutions. We can become your preferred installer, or lease and install equipment your organisation only needs temporarily. We can also support you with administration: we take care of all the information for the exhibition catalogue and make sure that it perfectly corresponds with your working methods and possibilities. Through experience, we know how to deal with storage for both drinking water and waste water and the correct water pressure. We are also prepared for consumption at peak times. We exclude the risks. We carefully coordinate our planning and thorough approach with you and, if necessary, document them in a project schedule complete with AutoCAD drawings. Everything will be arranged on time.


Services provided at fairs


In various areas:



VIP areas

Emergency services


Facilities that can be connected:


Kitchens, dishwashing kitchens

Coffee machines

Coffee machines

Extractor hoods (air)

Cookers (gas)

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