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Carefree maintenance for water company Farys

Carefree maintenance for water company Farys

MTD has installed a system of 2800 m3 drinking water buffering to make it possible for Farys (Belgium) to do scheduled maintenance on their system without losing pressure.


Realizing a guaranteed water pressure for all residents during planned maintenance.


MTD installed two large scale drinking water buffers of 1.800 m3 and 1.000 m3. In this way we could provide the residents of area Gent of a permanent water supply during the maintenance on the main supply pipe. Project duration: two weekends in November 2015.

Water company Farys ( was forced to perform work on a transport pipe nearby Gent. This was necessary to guarantee the long-term supply of water. However, this would be a temporary interruption of the water supply in a large section of the delivery area.

To supply the people of drinking water while the maintenance was being done MTD build an installation on two locations in region Gent. We combined 28 buffer bags (each 100.000 m3) on two locations. The buffering was filled by an automatic filling plant for the start of the planned activities. It provided the people of the right permanent pressure. In total, through this setup 5600 m3 of drinking water was made available.

This successful collaboration has ensured that the work could be carried out without the people of area Gent experienced any nuisance.

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