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The installation of temporary water infrastructures requires vision, knowledge and quality. So safe drinking water is guaranteed at every event, locally, nationally and even internationally.

As specialists we can offer a wide range of services. From thinking along with organisations when designing the infrastructure to the entire project management and implementation.

We are working environmentally friendly and recycle/re-use as much water as possible. If desired we can filter the waste water before it smoothly flows back to the source.


The installation of temporary water infrastructures requires vision, knowledge and quality. As specialists we can offer a wide range of services. From thinking along with organisations when designing the infrastructure to the entire project management and implementation.

MTD is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms. There is an annual audit and an extensive study is performed every three years. Intensive contact with government, healthcare institutes and controlling bodies keeps us up to date and alert.

In addition, we have our own water quality manager to oversee the quality of all our work and the water supplied. For each project he assesses the activities based on the local laws and regulations. He also provides advice on legionella.

Disinfection, legionella and sampling are included in our standard procedures so we can continue to provide you with the best drinking water quality. If required we can take full responsibility for your water infrastructures or perform a risk analysis for you.

Research & Development

We have our own Research & Development Team (R & D) that considers process and product innovation.

This team consists of a diverse group of technical, commercial and support staff who think about new products, techniques, skills and the implementation thereof. We work with you to provide you with the best service.

Environmentally friendly working methods

Those working with water like MTD, know all its facets and wonders and know that the right elements are vital. So we automatically work to protect the environment as much as possible.

We are very environmentally friendly in our business operations. From waste separation to the use of sustainable packaging. We even go further.

MTD is able to control the entire water chain from the source until it returns to nature. We ourselves produce drinking water and treat the waste water so that it can flow back again into the surface water. This is how MTD manages and monitors the entire water chain.

We work properly and are very strict about eliminating waste. After working, we leave the environment clean behind us. We will never discharge used water into nature. If no sewer connections are available our logistics system – which includes storage facilities in water buffers and transport of used water in tankers – offers us an environmentally friendly solution. The re-use of used water to flush toilets saves a lot of water.

With long-term projects we reduce flushing to a minimum through flushes controlled by a timer. We also look at each project individually to see if isolating is better than flushing.

In the event of extreme droughts or water shortages we apply additional water-saving measures.
We operate in an environmentally friendly way and recycle as much water as possible. We can separate the water, so that grey water can be reused. If desired, we filter the used water before it is smoothly discharged back to the source.


Drinking water should be safe. Also temporary drinking water. MTD guarantees safe and clean drinking water.

Safety, health and environment (SHE) get maximum attention in our company. We have our own SHE management system for this. This quality system is VCA * certified and tested annually by Lloyd’s. After all, safety must be integrated in the entire organisation with regard to the work, the people and the products. That’s why our experienced staff regularly attend refresher courses and training. Especially since MTD works for many different industries across the world and wants to and can (continue to) meet all national and international requirements.

Legal safety

We assemble all installations in accordance with the applicable legal standards, focusing on the guidelines given by your company. Our drinking water systems are nationally and internationally certified. MTD is an international full-service organisation, with equipment that complies with the CE mark and that is all equipped with various national and international certificates and quality marks.

Innovative safety

MTD carries out investigations on cleaning water, disinfecting, and optimisation of water temperature. As a result, we are able to respond to new developments and rapidly adapt our products to them. In this area MTD is generally ahead of the market. So we have developed, among other things, a special filter unit to check the water even more carefully and accurately. We often collaborate with leading technical laboratories, universities and suppliers. We call this: our innovative service.

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