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Our genes

MTD feels responsible for the continuity of its own company and staff, but also for the impact it has on the environment. Locally, nationally, and internationally.

Concepts such as social responsibility, climate neutrality, etc. are now widely discussed. We consciously choose our own, honest and practical approach when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

Natural development

For a company that has existed for more than 25 years, corporate social responsibility is something that develops in a completely natural way. MTD is driven by pure passion, service and quality, not only by the services it provides.

We strive with pure passion to provide perfect solutions: exactly the right solution for the right situation and at the right price. MTD can be considered the logical choice for any temporary water solution. No more, but certainly no less. The whole team cooperates and works together on solutions.

With over 25 years of experience we know better than anyone that the perfect solution is only reached with effective cooperation with customers, employees, suppliers and, not forgetting, the (end) users of our water infrastructure and services. Partly by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, MTD is able to ensure consistent quality and be able to implement improvements in a structured way.

Approximately 100 staff work at MTD 24/7 to deliver the best temporary water infrastructure solutions on time, anywhere in the world. Our team plays a crucial role in this. By applying a system of risk assessment and evaluation we are able to continually improve the safety and working conditions for our staff. MTD is certified according to Health & Safety standards and has implemented these methods in the organisation.

Human rights

In addition, MTD recognises the importance of human rights and respects the Universal Declarations of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations. We are determined to carry out our business in a responsible way and refuse to condone any form of child labour. Not within our company or at our suppliers.

Environment policy

In our environmental policy MTD has stated the principles of our approach to the environment. MTD will, at all times, comply with relevant national and international environmental legislation. We will  respect all national and international legislation relating to waste and transport.

MTD has an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 norms. In this way, MTD ensures that the services provided to its customers are delivered with respect for the planet.


MTD works sustainably. When purchasing new products we think creatively about the production process and implement any changes. We always ask ourselves the question: “Are any sustainable alternatives available and what is their impact on the environment?”

The use of temporary water systems is in itself sustainable, because the equipment can be rented from MTD rather than purchased by you. This allows for equipment to be reused and in this way nothing is left behind discarded or unused.

We can, of course, also provide the required data for the ‘ Sustainable Events Barometer ‘ and we comply with the requirements relating to water. We encourage the use of tap water at events and also have taps in our range to achieve this purpose.

But our relationships with stakeholders are also sustainable. We consistently build on the cooperation with all the various parties such as customers, staff, suppliers and government, making it possible for sustainable relationships to develop.

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